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UltraScope Technology

The stethoscope head
is machined from an extremely crack resistant modern plastic.

Head, tubing & binaural assembly filters external noises while amplifying heart/lung sounds.

Lifetime Warranty

Covers replacement tubing, eartips, binaurals and more for life, making these the most cost-effective stethoscope on the market today.

Unique Stethoscopes

Every UltraScope is handpainted giving each design a one-of-a-kind look so that no two are the same.

Fully Customizable

Add insignia, engraving and change background and tubing colors for a unique designer stethoscope that's all your own.

Superior Quality

Medical professionals in nearly every field love quality Ultrascope stethoscopes


Design Gallery...
You'll love the great abstract designs available in these popular UltraScope stethoscopes. Great color combinations, designs and details that make these unique stethoscopes stand out.



Ultrascope 143
Swirled Circles Stethoscope
Ultrascope 147
Lotus Flower
Ultrascope 142
144 Galactic Circles
Ultrascope 144



UltraScope 009
UltraScope 010
UltraScope 012
UltraScope 008


UltraScope 019
UltraScope 014
UltraScope 015
UltraScope 020


UltraScope 025
Hologram stethoscope
UltraScope 022
Tigers Eye Stripe Stethoscope
UltraScope 023
UltraScope 024


custom Stethoscope
UltraScope 048
Designer Stethoscopes
UltraScope 029
UltraScope 027
irdescent stethoscope
UltraScope 028


UltraScope 054
tye dye stethoscopes you customize with engraving, insignias and more
UltraScope 076
133 Polka Dots On Designer Cardiology Stethoscope
UltraScope 133
141 Black Pinstripe
Ultrascope 141



UltraScope 006
002 UltraScope Stethoscope
UltraScope 002
003 Stripes ultraScope Designer Stethoscopes
UltraScope 003
Purple Teal Stethoscope
UltraScope 004



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Lightweight , solid head design with optional engraving
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