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UltraScope Technology

The stethoscope head
is machined from an extremely crack resistant modern plastic.

Head, tubing & binaural assembly filters external noises while amplifying heart/lung sounds.

Lifetime Warranty

Covers replacement tubing, eartips, binaurals and more for life, making these the most cost-effective stethoscope on the market today.

Unique Stethoscopes

Every UltraScope is handpainted giving each design a one-of-a-kind look so that no two are the same.

Fully Customizable

Add insignia, engraving and change background and tubing colors for a unique designer stethoscope that's all your own.

Superior Quality

Medical professionals in nearly every field love quality Ultrascope stethoscopes


Design Gallery...

Animal prints, hooves, paws and more can be found right here on your next one-of-a-kind stethoscope. From fish and wildlife to kitty cats and dragons, create your own unique stethoscope with custom background colors and features you won't find anywhere else.

When ordering for veterinarians, choose the Adult model for animals over 45 lbs and the Pediatric for animals under 45 lbs.


139 Tiger Outline
Ultrascope 139
136: Bubbles The Elephant
UltraScope 136
138: Dragon Head
UltraScope 138
129 Horse Promenade
UltraScope 129


UltraScope 013
Paw prints stethoscope, designer animal paws ultrascope
UltraScope 026
Tiger Print
Ultrascope 140
126 Zebra Print Stethoscope
UltraScope 126


124 Leopard Print stethoscope
UltraScope 124
128 Giraffe
UltraScope 128
Horse shoe on totally cool stethoscope!
UltraScope 096
Dragonfly Ultrascope
UltraScope 037


Stethoscope with dolphins
UltraScope 035DL
Stethoscope with whale scene - ocean, waves
UltraScope 035BK
Manatee on nursing stethoscope
UltraScope 070
Frog Stethoscope
UltraScope 055


Stethoscope with Butterfly design
UltraScope 038
UltraScope 052
natures helpers on best stethoscope
UltraScope 058
UltraScope 066


sea turtle on cool stethoscopes
UltraScope 074
Pink Flamingo On Stethoscope
UltraScope 043
you can personalize this stethoscope with engraving and insignia's!
UltraScope 092
Eagle on a stethoscope you customize online!
UltraScope 099


lizard gecko on best stethoscope
UltraScope 056
gildfish on best stethoscope
UltraScope 057
tiger on a stethoscope
UltraScope 102
bass fishing stethoscope
UltraScope 078


UltraScope 062
alligator stethoscope
UltraScope 080
Bees on best designer stethoscopes
UltraScope 064
UltraScope 065


horse head on veterinary or nursing medical stethoscope
UltraScope 071
puppy dog on designer stethoscope
UltraScope 072
UltraScope 085
sea turtle on cool stethoscopes
UltraScope 074


Teddy Bear Stethoscope Nursing stethoscope, Medical scopes
UltraScope 079
130 Bones and Paws Design on Cardiology Stethoscope
UltraScope 130
Baby And Stork Stethoscope you personalize
UltraScope 095
tropical birds on custom stethoscope design
UltraScope 084


UltraScope 085
Tree Frogs on Personalized Stethoscope
UltraScope 086
Asian Dragon Design on Personalized stethoscopes
UltraScope 088


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