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UltraScope Technology

The stethoscope head
is machined from an extremely crack resistant modern plastic.

Head, tubing & binaural assembly filters external noises while amplifying heart/lung sounds.

Lifetime Warranty

Covers replacement tubing, eartips, binaurals and more for life, making these the most cost-effective stethoscope on the market today.

Unique Stethoscopes

Every UltraScope is handpainted giving each design a one-of-a-kind look so that no two are the same.

Fully Customizable

Add insignia, engraving and change background and tubing colors for a unique designer stethoscope that's all your own.

Superior Quality

Medical professionals in nearly every field love quality Ultrascope stethoscopes


Care & Cleaning...
Like any stethoscope, the UltraScope and MAXIScope designer stethoscope needs cleaning from time to time. Extend the life of your new scope with a few easy clean-up steps.

The Care And Cleaning Of Your New Designer Stethoscopes

  • Use an alcohol wipe to clean the head, diaphragm, and retaining ring only. Please DO NOT soak any part of your stethoscope in liquid.
  • A cloth dampened with water and antibacterial soap can be used to clean any part of your UltraScope. Wipe well with a damp cloth until all soap is removed. Then dry completely.
  • The tubing can be "shined" with a cloth sprayed with pledge or other non-solvent or non-petroleum distillate polish.
  • Normal usage may loosen the diaphragm, retaining ring, and eartips. Check your scope before use.

Client reviews

"I am hard of hearing in one ear, I tried the UltraScope and was amazed at how clear the sound was. This is now my favorite stethoscope."
- L.F. Kirby : Sacramento, CA

"I have been in R.T. since 1974 and have had several scopes. I used another RT's UltraScope and was amazed at the sound quality."

- R. Hames: Statesville, NC

"Wow! I can hear again!"
- S. Warren: Old Hickory, TN

"This stethoscope is phenomenal! Breath sounds are really amplified!"
- M. Waguespack: Vacherie LA

"I love my UltraScope, it has made my job 110% easier!"
- S. Austin: Pope AFB, NC


How to use your new designer stethoscopes

  • Use LIGHT pressure for HEART sounds
  • Use FIRMER pressure for LUNG sounds
  • Use MEDIUM pressure for taking blood pressure readings.
  • Are eartips in ear canal properly? The eartips should point away from your body.
  • Try using them in the other direction. Is the fit better?
  • Do the metal binaurals feel twisted in your ears? Hold both the binaurals/eartips in your hands, pointed away from your body, gently push them away from you to align, using equal pressure."
    Is the fit better?
  • When you tap on the diaphragm, does it make a drum sound? If not, your diaphragm is loose.
  • Tighten by holding head and turning Retaining Ring clockwise.
  • Are the diaphragm and retaining ring still attached to the head of your scope?
  • Are you pressing harder than necessary? Try lighter pressure.
  • Are you in a noisy environment? Place entire palm over headpiece and apply the correct pressure using the palm of your hand. The designer stethoscope authority