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UltraScope Technology

The stethoscope head
is machined from an extremely crack resistant modern plastic.

Head, tubing & binaural assembly filters external noises while amplifying heart/lung sounds.

Lifetime Warranty

Covers replacement tubing, eartips, binaurals and more for life, making these the most cost-effective stethoscope on the market today.

Unique Stethoscopes

Every UltraScope is handpainted giving each design a one-of-a-kind look so that no two are the same.

Fully Customizable

Add insignia, engraving and change background and tubing colors for a unique designer stethoscope that's all your own.

Superior Quality

Medical professionals in nearly every field love quality Ultrascope stethoscopes


Lightweight, affordable, superior accoustics and one-of-a-kind designs are just a few of the reasons why UltraScope designer stethoscopes are a favorite among medical professionals.

Features and benefits of your new stethoscope


UltraScope is a unique, single sided pressure sensitive acoustic stethoscope for complete assessment and diagnosis of heart and/or lung sounds in human and animal patients.

We offer both the UltraScope and the MAXIScope as different styles of cardiology stethoscopes. Both UltraScope models excel in medically challenging situations where most stethoscopes do not because it allows for assessment even in noisy environments and/or through dressings or thick clothing, when access to skin is not possible.

The precision machined acrylic head provides excellent sound conduction – our customers consistently compare it favorably to the leading cardiology stethoscope. Each UltraScope is individually hand painted and can be engraved, to make it uniquely personal.


  • UltraScope is priced “mid-range” but compares to “high performance” models including (see testimonials):
    • Cardiology III
    • Master Cardiology
    • Electronic 3000
  • Other “high performance models retail from $170-$400 with 1-7 year warranties versus our Lifetime Warranty
  • Many UltraScope customers who own expensive electronic scopes say the UltraScope is as good as their electronic. 
  • Please notice we sell this 1 exceptional model to every medical profession. 
    Why shouldn't all medical professionals have access at one affordable price  to the best sounding stethoscope? 


  • Helicopters, sirens, crying children, or barking dogs do not impede the ability to assess patients. 


  • UltraScope is 20% lighter weight than the leading brands.
  • UltraScope is extremely comfortable to wear around the neck on a daily basis.


  • Over 147 design choices, various colors and engraving options available.  Hundreds of additional variations with choice of tubing color.


Superior Performance with Special Needs Patients
UltraScope excels when assessment on skin is not an option. Veterinarians can hear through thick animal fur and purring.  Assess accident victims, elderly, emaciated, sleeping pediatric, and/or burn patients through thick clothing, blankets, or dressings.

Individually Hand Painted - 15 Tubing Colors
UltraScope is the only hand painted stethoscope available online.  Choose from more than 125 designs to personalize your UltraScope for easy identification. Create your own unique stethoscope with funky designs, one of a kind options and more

Auscultation with the UltraScope Stethoscope is very easy.  The UltraScope's unique, rounded, single-sided acrylic head offers efficiency in auscultation.  Sounds are easily monitored by alternating pressure between auscultation sites.  Use very light pressure for low frequency responses, firmer pressure for higher frequency responses.  Too much pressure will block all sound.

The UltraScope Excels in medically challenging situations.  It is as good as any cardiology scope on the market. To listen on skin is always optimal, but there are many situations that require otherwise.  The UltraScope works in excessively noisy environments, through multiple layers of clothing or bandages, or when it is preferable patients remain dressed.

Blood Pressure Assessments
The UltraScope Stethoscope is excellent for blood pressure assessments.  Yes, our stethoscope head is large and does not fit under the cuff; but it shouldn't fit under the cuff.  According to "Human Blood Pressure Determination by Sphygmomanometers" copyright 1994, by the American Heart Association, the head of the stethoscope should always be placed below the edge of the cuff, never touching it, to avoid extraneous noise that can interfere with assessment. 

Lifetime Warranty
Our Warranty will not be surpassed.

FREE Replacement Parts
Requests for replacement eartips, diaphragms and retaining rings are mailed out the same day.


Lightweight , solid head design with optional engraving
Over 147 Designs! The designer stethoscope authority