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UltraScope Technology

The stethoscope head
is machined from an extremely crack resistant modern plastic.

Head, tubing & binaural assembly filters external noises while amplifying heart/lung sounds.

Lifetime Warranty

Covers replacement tubing, eartips, binaurals and more for life, making these the most cost-effective stethoscope on the market today.

Unique Stethoscopes

Every UltraScope is handpainted giving each design a one-of-a-kind look so that no two are the same.

Fully Customizable

Add insignia, engraving and change background and tubing colors for a unique designer stethoscope that's all your own.

Superior Quality

Medical professionals in nearly every field love quality Ultrascope stethoscopes


UltraScope reviews...
Clients from across the country have told us what they love about their new designer stethoscope by UltraScope. from EMT's to student nurses, every medical professional loves these scopes!

Physicians reviews

"I love it!"
- L. Klein, Pediatrician : Bloomfield, MI

"Prompt service.  Custom design really delivers."
- Caroline Wellberg, MD : Bethesda, MD

"We love our stethoscopes (UltraScopes) we gave each other for Christmas '05."
- Ede Wymaud le Raux, MD : Regina, SK Canada

"I love it.  I hear sounds I've never heard soooooooo clearly before."
- V. Walker, MD : St. Louis, MO

"Excellent Acoustics.  Light weight and fun design help 'lighten' your workday.  Started using it the minute I opened the box."
- E. Torres, MD : Sugar Land, TX

"It is a great stethoscope.  I love the graphics.  The kids like that it isn't cold."
- K.L. Reynold : Denver, CO

"How good is a smiley face that can listen to chests, etc.  Very useful in A/E as it is good for listening through clothing to check chest sounds in resuscitation--saves time--saves lives.  You can listen with the clothes off later."
- P.G. Johnston : Marlborough, New Zealand

"Adds prestige to doctors.  Unique and sturdy."
- C. Yap : Cpiz, Philippines

Veterinary reviews

"The UltraScope [pediatric model] is EXCELLENT for detecting feline lung and tracheal sounds as well as for higher pitched crisp (muscle and valve) sounds of the heart ."
- M. Scherk, DVM: Vancouver, Canada

"Working with animals, listening conditions are usually less than ideal. UltraScope has made monitoring both easier and more accurate."
- K.J. Powell, Vet. Nursing : Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

"Very easy to personalize. Great to use outside in inclement weather! I do a lot of vet circuits, sometimes in bad weather--you can't hear yourself think. I can hear a lot easier with this scope."
- S. Leska, Veterinarian : Oberlin, KS

"I have used many types of scopes, but yours is the best at hearing through thick fur."

- D. Wallace, Veterinary Tech. : Deer Trail, CO

"I am extremely pleased with the quality of the UltraScope Designer Stethoscope."
- D. Smith: Veterinary Tech: AZ

"You get what you pay for! The sound quality of my new UltraScope Stethoscope is awesome!"
- M. Stolp: Veterinary Tech: Milwaukee, WI

"The UltraScope is stylish, and the sound quality is amazing!"
- L. Gurman: Veterinary Tech: Braintree, MA

"I purchased this stethoscope as a gift for my daughter. It's an investment for her future."
- M. Riley: Veterinary Tech: Parma Heights, OH

"After using a coworker's UltraScope I could not go back to another product--the UltraScope works better than any other stethoscope--hands down."
- D. Lawyer: Veterinary Tech: Columbus, OH

Respiratory Therapists reviews

"My ears didn't know what they were missing!"
- J. Wolfe : Greenville, NC

"I was able to hear heart and lung sounds clearly through heavy sweater and coat. " I compared this scope to a Class III Littman and there was no comparison."
- S. Hill : Roswell, GA

"I love the looks of it and the sound is superb! Best designer stethoscope I've ever used in 27 years of respiratory therapy!"

- N. Laurenzi : Memphis, TN

"I am hard of hearing in one ear, I tried the UltraScope and was amazed at how clear the sound was. This is now my favorite stethoscope."

- L.F. Kirby : Sacramento, CA

"I have been in R.T. since 1974 and have had several stethoscopes. I used another RT's UltraScope and was amazed at the sound quality."

- R. Hames: Statesville, NC

"Wow! I can hear again!"
- S. Warren: Old Hickory, TN

"This awesome stethoscope is phenomenal! Breath sounds are really amplified!"
- M. Waguespack: Vacherie LA

"I love my UltraScope stethoscope, it has made my job 110% easier!"
- S. Austin: Pope AFB, NC

Nursing Instructor reviews

"I can't tell you how useful the teaching scope has been to us.  We have to check our freshman nursing students off on BP and the UltraScope has helped us recognize numerous students who need assistance with this skill.  I also take it to clinicals and can listen to heart and lung sounds with the students.  I have my own personal one as well and love it!"
- C. Miller : Roswell, NM

"Auscultation is awesome."
- R. Toczydlonsia : Saucuoit, NY

"Great sound quality, everything is clear!"
- B. Stafford : Lincoln, NE

"The UltraScope stethoscope is by far the best designer stethoscope I have used in my 30 years of midwifery practice.  I can hear a fetal heart tone even when there is background noise."
- P. Hunt : Summertown, TN

"Clarity blew me away."
- J. Ware : Ponca City, OK

Student Reviews of Ultrascope Designer Stethoscope

"I love it! Children love my frog."
- E. Neff : Picayune, MS

"I was having trouble hearing BP. I bought the UltraScope to help and passed the exam!"
- S. Cuomo : Chittenango, NY

"Since I am a new user of any stethoscopes, the UltraScope made my learning of how to use stethoscopes very easy and clear!"
- K. Rollins-Ricketts : Monett, MO

"I cannot hear well, but with the UltraScope I could hear very well, even through clothes."
- S. McDonnell : Horala, AL

"I love my new stethoscope. I can hear lots of the sounds you don't hear when you are learning."
- M. Odle : White Oak,TX

"Fabulous service; love the scope! Thank you! I was searching for something along the lines of the 'Patch Adams' philosophy of making people smile in medicine, and with UltraScope I found it! It helps brighten up medicine and spirits!"
- T. McCarthy : London, England, UK

"I am a nursing student and I was having trouble taking blood pressures, but after I got the UltraScope I'm the best in my class taking blood pressures. It is so clear to hear out of. So thank you!"
- S. Arnold : Hampton, VA

Nurses Reviews of UltraScope Stethoscopes

"Sound is extremely clear, the head is easy to hold. Gets children's attention and calms them! Love the design and colors. Ear pieces are the most comfortable."
- M. Bublitz : Cedarburg, WI

"I shouldn't have to chart diminished lung sounds again. It's great!"
- B. Staisch : Worthington, IN

"This stethoscope is out of this world. I heard what I needed while the patient was screaming."
- W. Hall : DeQueen, AR

"I love the fact these stethoscopes pick up hard to hear sounds. I'm middle aged and as the years have advanced sometimes I had trouble hearing. Now I don't!"
- S.E. Young : Eugene, OR

"Let there be sound! And there was with my UltraScope."
- L. Duncan : Early, TX

"A superior stethoscope! Ear comfort a plus. I love my Happy Face!"
- S. Burgess: St. Joseph MO

"I can hear very clearly with the UltraScope."
- V. Thomas: Concord, CA

"When assessing organ sounds are clearer, more defined and you feel confident in your report."
- J. Watson: McKinney TX

CNA reviews

"As someone who is learning to do vitals the UltraScope made it so much easier hearing someone's pulse and listening to lungs. Thanks."
- J. Porter : Morrill, ME

"I don't have to struggle anymore to hear my patients' heartbeats. Now I know for sure the readings that I am giving to my nurses are accurate."
- N. Koenig : Burleson, TX

"I work on a pediatric floor and with the cool colors and designs, the kids just love it and don't mind me using it. It has great sound too."
- L. Gracey : Oak Lawn, IL

"The UltraScope stethoscope is great, we tried a few others while at the store and the UltraScope was by far the best! Thank you for such a quality product."
- R. McMahon : Cottage Grove, OR

"Before the UltraScope, I couldn't hear breath sounds very well. Now I can hear suspicious and clear ones! It has helped me to do my job better."
- K. Joyce : Winston-Salem, NC

"This stethoscope is a great asset to my job. It makes my job more accurate. Thank you!"

- W. Graham :Cape Girardeau MO

"It's great! I feel confident giving accurate readings to my patients!"
- J. Ortiz: Pearland TX

"I went to the store to purchase another brand but came out with an UltraScope and I have been happy ever since."
- A. Kenney: Richmond KY

EMT Review of UltraScope Designer Stethoscopes

"This is a great stethoscope especially around helicopters.  When we evac patients we need a good stethoscope, and this is a great stethoscope."
- T. Roynn, Army Medic: APO, AE

"No instrument has made my job easier than this UltraScope stethoscope."
- Bradley Fahs: San Jose, CA

"Stethoscope is ideal for loud and noisy environments such as vehicle extrications and the backs of ambulances."
- T. Giddella : Pax, WV

"I am a volunteer EMT.  I love the Ultrascope's sensitivity.  In a noisy environment the Ultrascope out-performs more expensive scopes.  I am routinely asked by fellow EMTs and paramedics to re-take vitals that they couldn't hear with their scopes."
- J. McCulley : Confluence, WV

"In my business time, accuracy, and dependable equipment literally mean the difference between life and death.  Thank you for providing such wonderful products!  I'm very impressed with my stethoscope."
- W. Jansson : Arnold, MO

"I have a high frequency loss and I have found the ultrascope to be the solution to be able to hear blood pressures and lung sounds under field conditions experienced by an EMT."
- T. McNamara: North Chili, NY

"Easy hearing all sounds."
- P. Harrell Hobbsville NC

"These stethoscopes work very well. I am pleased every time I use them. Thank you so much for making them available."
- D.S. Stark Victoria TX

"This is by far the best designer stethoscope I have ever used!"

- K. Beklin Corning NY

"I love how clear and amplified this stethoscope is."
- A. Fisher Bradenton FL

LPN reviews

"Superior hearing, reasonable price--thank you!"
- M. Craig : Lynchburg, VA

"I am very pleased with my UltraScope.  It is lightweight, the clarity is good, and I was happy that it came in a variety of colors."
- B. Helton : Cincinnati, OH

"It has great acoustics and it is not heavy around my neck."
- J. Tinch : Covington, KY

"Finally I can hear!"
- S. Hill : Rochester, WA

"Am extremely pleased with UltraScope, have not had to retake a BP or HR a 2nd time due to the inability to hear!  Makes it able to obtain US accurately the 1st time, it is comfortable and light to wear an entire shift.  As well as attractive to look at.  I am very well pleased with it!"
- D. Havener : Oneida, NY

"Works great! I had an adult Classic and I needed a pediatric stethoscope, so I decided to buy another UltraScope."
- M. Jones Lowndesboro AL

"It is much easier to hear with. I think the different designs make it much more fun to use."
- L. Palmer Cincinnati OH

"I love my UltraScope! It makes sounds much clearer than any other stethoscope I have ever used!"
- D. Palko Roaring Spring PA

RN reviews of stethoscopes

"Marvelous, clinical good to use and fun for the children to see (hot pink with stick nurse picture), it may be my first stethoscope but it won't be my last UltraScope."
- Z. Hasuam : Southport, Merseyside. England, UK

"Best stethoscope I have had in 18+ years of nursing."
- B. Pish : Greenville, TX

"UltraScope is an excellent tool--to make any nursing job easier for quick, prompt assessments--anytime, anywhere, any patient."
- C. Schmer : High Springs, FL

"Love my UltraScope--unique and very clear. I work in an emergency room--this scope makes it easy to hear lung/bowel etc. sounds especially over loud noises!"
- T. Tidwell : Hamilton, AL

"I am 67 years old and very active in nursing. The acoustics of this fine tuned instrument are a godsend for me."
- S. LaVigne : Ellenton, FL

"I really like the longer length of the UltraScope. My previous scope was shorter."

- M.J. Rabalais : Marrero, LA

"It's like putting a megaphone on your stethoscope, when you're a cardiac nurse every beat counts!"
- K. Vincent : Carthage, TX

"I work in a jail and anything we can do to make the day brighter is a plus--why I chose the color and the puppy."
- J. Jamison : Princeton, MN

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